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The Lake House

The Lake House

The Lake House, situated on the scenic shores of Lake Oconee in Georgia, started as a 5-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom home and transformed into a spacious 7-bedroom, 7.5-bathroom dwelling to meet the needs of a growing family seeking more room and luxury.

The renovation project was meticulously carried out, focusing on detail and craftsmanship, to redefine modern lakeside living. The design seamlessly combined contemporary elegance with the natural beauty of Lake Oconee's surroundings, using materials like wood and stone to blend with the serene lakefront setting.

A significant aspect of the project was the addition of a new lower level to bring the lake closer to the house. This new modern living room features massive sliding glass doors that open up completely, providing stunning panoramic views of the lake.

A new master bathroom suite was also created, offering a spa-like experience with high-end fixtures, a luxurious soaking tub, a spacious walk-in shower, and custom-made vanity units.

Entertainment and leisure were accommodated through a well-designed game room, serving as a dedicated space for family gatherings and recreational activities.

To cater to the growing family and their guests, two extra bathrooms were thoughtfully incorporated. Each bathroom features stylish fixtures and a contemporary design for comfort and convenience.

To achieve the project's goals, the house's square footage was expanded to house the new bedrooms, bathrooms, and living spaces. As part of the renovation, the existing deck was updated and enlarged, providing an ideal spot to enjoy the stunning views of Lake Oconee and create lasting outdoor memories.

The Tree House

The Tree House

The goal of this project was to turn a cabin in Blue Ridge, Georgia, into a modern industrial tree house retreat. Perched atop a cliff with a view of Fightingtown Creek, the property underwent a remarkable transformation. It combined the rustic charm of cabin living with modern industrial aesthetics.

The main focus of the project was the interior design overhaul. Each detail was carefully chosen to capture the essence of modern industrial style while honoring the cabin's rustic roots. This ensured that the space met the needs of short-term renters.

Upon entering the cabin, guests encounter a blend of wood warmth and modern industrial design. The open-concept living area showcases exposed beams and reclaimed wood, a nod to the cabin's history. Urban sophistication is added through metal accents and sleek furnishings.

The house has the charm of a treehouse set amidst the trees, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Its design cleverly incorporates large windows that fill the interior with plenty of sunlight. These windows not only light up the space but also offer a clear view of the natural surroundings. As a result, the house becomes a comfortable blend of indoor and outdoor living, connecting residents to the beauty of nature.

To encourage gathering and recreation, the project redesigned spacious decks on every level overlooking the creek. These decks are furnished with comfortable seating, inviting guests to relax and enjoy the mountain air and the sound of the water.

Every design decision, from furniture to colors, was made with the cabin's rental status in mind. The result is an interior that balances modern allure with functional comfort, providing an unforgettable experience for those seeking a serene escape in the Blue Ridge mountains.

This interior design project showcases the blend of industrial elegance with rustic charm, creating a remarkable short-term rental property that promises cherished memories for guests.

The Mid-Century House

The Mid-Century House

This 1950s ranch-style home underwent an extensive renovation while maintaining its original mid-century vibe. Originally a one-level house with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, the home was transformed into a two-level masterpiece. The lower level now serves as a modern terrace level with an additional living area, media room and a flex space, providing more indoor space for relaxation and enjoyment. By opening up the staircase, the two levels flow seamlessly, creating an open and spacious atmosphere throughout.

In addition to the new en-suite bedroom, we added plenty of closet space for increased functionality. The house already had a pool, which was well-utilized for outdoor entertainment. However, with the renovation, we focused on creating more indoor space for entertaining guests. The kitchen received a stunning makeover and now serves as the heart of the home, providing a modern and functional space for preparing meals and hosting gatherings.

We also renovated the sunroom, integrating it with the pool area, offering a delightful indoor-outdoor living experience. With these thoughtful improvements, the home has become a true entertainer's paradise, accommodating gatherings, parties, and social events both indoors and outdoors. The fusion of indoor and outdoor spaces ensures everyone can enjoy the perfect setting for relaxation, celebration, and creating cherished memories.

The Office

Our team took on the task of decorating an office in Buckhead, Atlanta, and the result is a highly functional and stylish space. We designed and created four individual offices, each offering privacy and comfort. The communal working area was strategically planned to encourage collaboration among team members. A dedicated meeting room was designed with both aesthetics and practicality in mind. The kitchen area, a blend of convenience and modern style, serves as a multipurpose space.

Adding a personal touch, we incorporated numerous photographs into the design, honoring one of the partners who is a photographer. These images contribute a creative and unique element to the overall ambiance. The office boasts a sleek and modern aesthetic, ensuring a solid and efficient work environment. The entrance lobby sets the tone with a welcoming atmosphere, leaving a strong first impression on employees and visitors alike.

Located in the vibrant Buckhead district of Atlanta, this office space now stands as a testament to our commitment to combining functionality and design. The outcome is an inviting workspace that fosters productivity, collaboration, and individuality while embodying contemporary aesthetics.

The Office
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